Mobile Dewatering and Screening

As part of our biosolids removal services, Terratec offers cleanout solutions through screening and dewatering. Our mobile screening unit technology separates and removes solids such as plastics, rags, hair and other debris, providing compacted solids for landfill disposal, clean biosolids for land application or recirculation within the plant.

Dewatering is an effective strategy for storage and disposal options. It’s an environmental-friendly and cost-effective solution. Terratec offers this service through a variety of technologies such as centrifuges, geo-tubes and belt presses.

Terratec has dewatered both aerobic and anaerobic biosolids and industrial sludges. Our company has provided interim dewatering for plants and cleaned lagoons for many satisfied customers. Terratec is able to mobilize on site to meet our customers’ demanding schedules.