Municipal and Industrial Clients

Terratec provides a range of services to both municipal and industrial clients. We have worked with various municipalities on a wide scale of projects from one day to multi-year contracts, providing comprehensive biosolids management operations, haulage, dewatering and screening, vacuuming, emergency response, tank and lagoon cleaning, land application and disposal services.

Terratec understands municipal needs. We know the complexities and challenges that arise based on our extensive experience. These projects require an experienced team with the proven technical, communications, and managerial resources required to meet the challenges that arise. We have a variety of equipment and transport options, including vacuum trucks, trailers, dewatering equipment, pumps, tractors and land application injection equipment. Our resources include our skilled and experience personnel who perform these services with professionalism and commitment to safety and the environment.

Terratec provides a variety of services for the industrial market. We have worked on short and long term projects for our industrial clients. Terratec understands that each industrial clients’ needs are unique and sometimes require different processes and procedures to be followed when performing the work. We build our process and procedures to adapt to these needs.

Our industrial customers include:

  • Sugar Refineries
  • Meat Processing
  • Petroleum
  • Pulp and Paper
  • Nurseries
  • Manufacturing